What’s New In DistillerSR: Reference Navigation Options, Email Alerts, and More

Ever wondered how we come up with cool new features to make DistillerSR better? We listen to you!

Our latest release, which went live on January 19, 2019, includes several new features inspired by feedback from our user community. Here’s a quick round up of what’s new and notable in this update:

Upgraded Infrastructure

As the number of DistillerSR users continues to grow rapidly, we needed to make sure our servers are equipped to handle the load. Our new infrastructure will help keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes so you can focus on your reviews. Bonus: this upgrade should make all of our future software updates easier and faster, which means less downtime for everyone.

Expanded Reference Navigation Options

In a typical systematic review, you would screen all of your references before moving on to data extraction. But because DistillerSR is completely customizable for different types of literature reviews and review protocols, we wanted to allow you to screen, extract data, and assess a single reference before moving on to the next one. Now, thanks to user feedback, you have both options.

Option 1

Option 2

When you submit a form for a reference, you can now configure DistillerSR to take you to the next level in the workflow for the same reference, as opposed to moving on to the same form for the next reference in your list. In the old days, you had to return to your Dashboard to continue reviewing a reference at a different level. Now, you can transition to the next level for the same reference seamlessly.

You’ve Got Mail

You can now tell DistillerSR to send you an email alert when there are new, unreviewed references assigned to you, so you don’t have to remember to log in and check.

Cloning Instances In HDE Tables

We developed the Hierarchical Data Extraction (HDE) method in 2017 to help researchers easily collect data that repeats, such as the data collected at each timepoint for each intervention and outcome. We later improved upon these data extraction features by adding HDE Tables, condensing the data collection onto one page.

After falling in love with the most recent iteration, our users came back and asked for the option to create copies of completed instances of these multiple submission forms so they could avoid re-inputting the same data multiple times. Great idea! Now, it’s a reality.

Our greatest achievement is when we deliver an exceptional user experience and, in some small way, make research a bit easier to conduct. Listening to our user community is one way we make that happen. Thank you for using DistillerSR and for helping us make it better for you!

Madhu Vijayakumar
Madhumitha Vijayakumar is the Product Marketing Manager for DistillerSR. Having been a software developer early on in her career and then a marketer who has worked with people in almost every timezone, she believes in the power of story telling to bridge the gap between customers and the business solutions they seek. She is also an avid reader and a full-time mom.

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