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Medical Devices
Public Sector
Medical Devices
Public Sector


Scalable & Secure

Supports more than 675,000 references per project

Save Time

Reduces literature review times by 35%-50%

Transparent & Reproducible

Tracks 100% of your review producing defensible results

“The first big project I took on with DistillerSR was for the Florida Department of Citrus. The review started with more than 60,000 references and DistillerSR handled it just fine!”

Jeanette Andrade
Assistant Professor and Program Director, University of Florida

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Medical Devices

Audit Ready

Tracks 100% of your literature review

Save Time

35%-50% reduction in review times

Always Up-To-Date

Automatically import references to ensure complete submissions

“Every single time we’ve rolled out DistillerSR to a new group no one has said, let’s go back to managing references manually using Excel spreadsheets.”

Michael Klopfer
Clinical Development Scientist – Philips

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Pharmaceutical Companies


Reduce review creation times by up to 50%

Audit Ready

Sail through audits and regulatory reviews

One Platform

100% configurable workflows while allowing for a unified platform

“DistillerSR made our process faster, it made us more confident in our accuracy, and it made our quality control simpler. There would be a mutiny on our team if we decided to use something else.”

Kimberly Ruiz
Associate Director – Xcenda

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Public Sector, NFPs & NGOs

Accelerated Research

Reduces literature review times and effort by 35%-50%

Built for Collaboration

Simplified project and participant oversight and support for teams


Supports any research protocol, any workflow and any team configuration

“With DistillerSR, we are able to produce high-quality, accurate work in a much more timely fashion. We really liked what we saw in the demo, and we were able to get up and running right away with access to live support anytime we need it.”

Caroline Patton –
The American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)

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Global research organizations, including 70% of the top 10 pharmaceutical and medical device companies, trust DistillerSR software to produce transparent, audit-ready, and regulatory-compliant literature reviews.

Global research organizations, including 70% of the top 10 pharmaceutical and medical device companies, trust DistillerSR software to produce transparent, audit-ready, and regulatory-compliant literature reviews.

The DistillerSR platform automates the conduct and management of literature reviews so you can deliver better research faster, more accurately and cost-effectively. DistillerSR’s highly configurable, AI-enabled workflow streamlines the entire literature review lifecycle, allowing you to make more informed evidence-based health policy decisions, clinical practice guidelines, and regulatory submissions.

Why Organizations Choose DistillerSR

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Accelerated Research Delivery

Reduces overall literature review times by 35%-50% by automating every stage of the process saving critical times and resources.

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Proven AI Capabilities

Used by the most prominent public and private sector research teams, DistillerSR AI seamlessly integrates into all aspects of the literature review workflow.



Supports multiple workflows, protocols, and teams across all industries with 100% configurable workflows that work the way you do.

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Tracks 100% of every search, every reference, every change, and every cell of data to ensure your review is audit-ready.

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Scalable & Secure

Supports more than half a million references per project, the most scalable and secure platform in the industry.
Enterprise-Grade, DistillerSR


Certified SOC-2 and GDPR-compliant with a 99.9995% uptime.

Customer Satisfaction

Exceptional customer satisfaction with a 98% CSAT rating and a 99% annual subscription renewal rate.

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Customer Story: Philips

Faster, More Accurate Literature Reviews

Philips was looking for a transparent, standardized platform for more efficient literature reviews and CER submissions. Implementing DistillerSR resulted in over 70% faster literature review screening while improving speed and accuracy for CER submissions.

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Customer Story: University of Florida

More Literature Reviews Under Tight Timelines

With DistillerSR, the University of Florida can take on bigger projects with more confidence. By improving the speed and accuracy of their reviews, they maximized their funding and provided the best possible evidence to their stakeholders.

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Customer Story: NCCMT

Consistently Faster Evidence

The National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools (NCCMT) team needed a better solution to manage their growing workload. Implementing DistillerSR resulted in a 75% reduction in screening which allowed them to move relevant references on to critical appraisal and ultimately getting research out to decision makers faster.

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Customer Story: Geistlich Pharma

Literature Review Screening 85% Faster Than Manual Methods

DistillerSR enabled faster reference screening, reducing title and abstract screening time by 85% from nearly four minutes to 35 seconds per reference in Geistlich Pharma’s first project.

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Customer Story: Maple Health Group

Improve Efficiency and Resource Allocation

Seeking a solution to overcome increasing volumes of scientific literature Maple Health Group transformed their processes with DistillerSR to achieve efficiency gains and data-driven insights.

Learn More About DistillerSR

Learn More About DistillerSR

Invested in your Success

We take a holistic approach to making you successful. From configuring your first project, to consulting on a complex research set up, or training your team and answering support questions, we are here to ensure you are successful from day one.

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DistillerSR builds security, scalability, and availability into everything we do so you can focus on producing evidence-based research faster, more accurately, and more securely.
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Learn More About DistillerSR