Centrally Managed Literature Evidence for Faster Research

Eliminate evidence silos and duplicate research by centralizing peer-reviewed literature data and references.

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Researchers shouldn’t have to review the same reference over and over again. CuratorCR stores, organizes, and manages literature review metadata and scientific references. It allows for seamless sharing and data reuse across teams, departments and with other organizations. The result: Faster research. Lower product costs. Better regulatory submissions.

“With CuratorCR, I’ll know immediately if a colleague has already retrieved clinical data related to a particular device and won’t waste any time on that task. It will be a huge time saver for our team.”

Monique Liston, Senior Medical Writer, NuVasive

Collect and organize literature review data and full-texts. Gain greater control and visibility organization-wide into duplicate copyright purchases, data inconsistencies, and overall data quality.


Centrally manage and reuse all evidence-based research across your organization.

Controlled Access
and Security

Safeguard your reference data, with controlled user access for security, compliance, and data protection.

Faster and
Richer Analysis

Apply AI and advanced analytics using a vast body of peer-reviewed evidence for richer insights and faster time to market.

Share review data easily and securely with configurable permission-based access controls providing greater visibility into your projects’ evidence within your organization or with external research consortia partners.


Easily access previously peer-reviewed research and reduce the time it takes to complete literature reviews.


Securely manage and share literature review data from private and public sector consortia research projects.


Confidently collaborate with multiple teams, ensuring continuous access to current data for faster decision-making.
Easily access and reuse peer-reviewed data and references, minimizing duplicate research efforts, accelerating literature review completion times, and enabling efficient talent allocation.


Easily access shared scientific data and literature across your organization through configurable user access controls.

Rapid Data

Dynamically populate forms and tables from previously collected data from your colleagues.


Streamline literature review processes, reducing duplicate efforts and accelerating time to critical insights.

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