What’s New in DistillerSR

What’s New in DistillerSR’s Latest Release

When it comes to data extraction, assessment, and reporting, the one common challenge that seems to affect all researchers across industries is “living life on repeat.” Relying on manual and repetitive processes for literature reviews leads to costly, time-consuming, and error-prone results.

Increasingly, research professionals are looking for greater review efficiencies and transparency through automatic connections to collected and validated data. In the latest DistillerSR update, we have added new capabilities that not only enable you to reuse data in an easy manner, but that also allows you to schedule reports on your projects’ progress. The result: The repeat cycle of your reviews is greatly reduced, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Here is what’s new:

DistillerSR CuratorCR – Simplified Data Reuse

Duplication of effort collecting data from the same references across multiple projects is a very time-consuming, frustrating, and unnecessary experience.

DistillerSR’s module CuratorCR lets you automatically:

  • Find,
  • View,
  • Validate, and
  • Reuse already collected data and PDFs across reviews and teams.

When you begin reviewing, CuratorCR automatically notifies you if data has already been collected for that reference and makes it easy for you to view, validate and reuse them. Data collected is available for reuse by other members of your organization, making CuratorCR more than just a reference management tool. But how do you know if it meets your requirements? Not only does it show you the previously collected data for a reference, but it also shows the contextual information surrounding each set of data, such as the stage of the review it was collected in, and who collected it. Validate data collected in other reviews and reuse it with ease – no search required.

Scheduled Reporting

Think about how much time you normally spend generating reports and sending them to the various stakeholders on a weekly, monthly, or even a daily basis? What if you could configure scheduled reports and automatically distribute them through email?

With DistillerSR, you can now schedule Datarama reports and get them sent to you (and your stakeholders) automatically via email. Reports can be configured based on rolling date ranges and distributed via email automatically at specific time intervals. The capability gives you the flexibility to track and share what is important for you and your management team.

Automated Alerts to Support Regulatory Submissions

Managing literature reviews for regulatory submissions is a very dynamic and demanding task that one needs to be always prepared for. The time you spend coordinating regulatory submissions and managing these timelines can be very exhausting.

With this latest update, DistillerSR is now equipped to send automated alerts to support regulatory submissions. Safety teams get notified in the event of any adverse events that are identified in the literature, enabling you to respond more quickly.

Managing the volume of literature while meeting the research timelines is very challenging. There is a pressing need for researchers to increasingly automate and streamline their literature review process and with these new updates to DistillerSR, you get a single source of trusted evidence that keeps your research on track.

Do you want to see the updates in action? Book a free demo to learn more about DistillerSR today!!!

Madhu Vijayakumar
Madhumitha Vijayakumar is the Product Marketing Manager for DistillerSR. Having been a software developer early on in her career and then a marketer who has worked with people in almost every timezone, she believes in the power of story telling to bridge the gap between customers and the business solutions they seek. She is also an avid reader and a full-time mom.

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