5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Researchers

by | Dec 18, 2019

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Researchers

What sneaks up faster than the May 2020 EU MDR deadline? The holidays, of course! If you’re stumped on what to get the researcher or academic in your life, or if you are a researcher whose family and friends keep asking for your wish list, you’re in luck! We polled our office to find the best holiday gift ideas for researchers. So here are our top 5 ideas to show some love to the researcher in your life this holiday season (even if that researcher is yourself).

1. A Massage Gift Card

Researchers spend long hours in front of the computer. You’ll often see them hunched over a screen, clicking, tabbing, and rubbing their sore necks. Give your researcher the chance to melt away their worries and find relief from the dreaded “laptop neck” with a massage. It’s an amazing way to give the body some recovery from the repetitive strain that comes from computer work and an incredibly thoughtful and generous gift idea for academics and researchers.

2. Subscriptions and Apps

These days, there’s an app for everything. Many are free, but how about splurging on the premium version of something like Spotify or Audible for your favorite researcher? With a premium subscription to one of these services, they can listen to audiobooks while driving or taking transit, or listen to their favourite songs and podcasts without ads.

Meditation apps like Calm are also great tools for people who have trouble “shutting off”. Not only does meditation help with relaxation, but it’s a great way for busy people to find more “me” time and will help your researcher take care of their mind. After all, it’s their most powerful tool!

You can also take it a step further with subscription boxes delivered right to their door. There are subscription boxes for everyone: aspiring chefs, animal lovers, beauty and skincare lovers, fitness enthusiasts, vegans, and more. Gifting something that appeals to their interests outside of evidence-based research is a great way to help them find more balance in life!

3. Quirky Science Stocking Stuffers

Depending on your researcher’s area of expertise, there are a ton of stocking stuffers to choose from to add light and humour to their workday. Choose from punny science stickers, mitochondria keychains, beaker drinkware, jewelry inspired by natural elements, and enamel pins. You name it, and there is probably a niche product that will give your researcher a chuckle and let them show off their individuality and unique interests.

4. Some Spare Time

“Now wait,” you might be saying. “You can’t gift time.” But hear us out. For many researchers, time is the most precious resource, and, chances are, if they’re working on a systematic review, they don’t have much time to spare. When you combine life’s other obligations such as family commitments, kid’s sports, playdates, housework, etc., you’re left with little time for anything else. Trust us; your researcher will love a gift that will give them more time. Here are few ideas:

  • Create a homemade booklet with “coupons” for chores or other activities your researcher might otherwise not have time to do. They can use their coupons whenever they need a little extra time.
  • Plan a weekend away without phones or computers and handle all the logistics of the trip, so they don’t have to do anything except show up!
  • Give a housecleaning voucher or gift card. A pristine home feels terrific, and it’s even better when you didn’t have to do it yourself! Gift a housecleaning service voucher and save your researcher even more time and effort.

5. Systematic Review Software

Whether you get it as a gift for someone else or as a gift to yourself, systematic review software is an excellent choice for researchers and academics this holiday season. It’s a comprehensive tool that helps speed up time-consuming systematic review tasks, providing more time and less stress about meeting deadlines or completing accurate, transparent systematic reviews. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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