DistillerSR Academic & Student Frequently Asked Questions

We have made changes to DistillerSR’s student and faculty pricing options. These changes will allow us to better address the needs of our academic subscribers.

  1. The Student Free option is no longer available. This allows us to enhance the resources and support we provide our paid student subscribers.
  2. Faculty members now have new individual and research project subscription options for optimal project flexibility
  3. We have created departmental and institutional DistillerSR packages to provide academic organizations with the best possible packages for their research needs.
Am I eligible for the DistillerSR Student Program?

You are eligible for the DistillerSR Student Program if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You are a student actively enrolled in a post-secondary institution;
  2. You will be using the software as part of your study curriculum; and,
  3. You will not be paid for this work.
How do I purchase a DistillerSR Student subscription?

You can subscribe to DistillerSR here.

Can I keep using my Student FREE account after December 6th?

Of course! The Student FREE option provided DistillerSR access for up to four months.  We will honour the expiry dates of all current subscriptions.

Just as before, student FREE subscribers wishing to continue to use DistillerSR past their expiry date can upgrade to the paid Student subscription and get the additional benefits associated with the option.

What is the price of the new Student subscription?

We are blending together Student Pro and Plus into a single subscription which now allows up to three students to collaborate on the same project for one fixed price.  The cost of the subscription will be $19.95 per month for all three users starting on December 6. 

What will happen to my data after the Student FREE subscription ends?

It’s your data and you can easily download it to keep forever. For those moving to the new student subscription, all of our current work will be accessible exactly as it is today. If you don’t upgrade before your Free account expires, don’t worry, we will maintain your data for one year after your account lapses and you can access by simply re-subscribe.

Why are you creating two Faculty subscription options?

We’ve created two options for optimal project flexibility.  For the first option, faculty can purchase a subscription and work independently on up to 5 projects.  

Second, for systematic literature reviews that require the collaboration of faculty and students, we have created a distinct research project subscription.  This pricing bundle includes two faculty and three student subscriptions.   

Will my current Faculty subscription change?

We will honour the expiry dates of all current subscriptions.

Can my supervisor/faculty member work on my project(s)?

Your student subscription allows you to collaborate with faculty members. Note that faculty members will still need to have their own account through a Faculty, Departmental or Institutional subscription. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

What are departmental and institutional subscription packages?
These packages have been historically called campus or academic site subscriptions.  On December 3rd, we will provide a breakdown of each pricing package, so academic organizations can evaluate their needs across departments and their institutions overall. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. 
How many projects can I have for a single student subscription?

Both student subscription options allow for 1 project.

Can I assign my project to someone else?

No. Projects are not transferable.

How long do I have access to my data after my project?

Your project data will be maintained in our system and will be fully recoverable for one year after your account lapses.

Where is my project data stored? Is it secure?

All DistillerSR Student project data is stored using a secure, regulatory-compliant cloud platform, just like our commercial clients’ data.

I don’t know how to start my project. Can you help?

DistillerSR includes a comprehensive online user guide that walks you through the basics of setting up your first project. You can also use one of the included project templates to get up and running quickly.

All of our Student users can join the Distiller Help Forum, a moderated, searchable community forum that connects DistillerSR users and Evidence Partners product experts.

Can I upgrade to a non-student plan in the future? Will I still have access to my data?

Yes! If you are currently subscribed as a student we will simply upgrade your account. We maintain project data in our system for one year, so if your subscription has lapsed you can restart your subscription anytime within a year and your data will still be in your account.