Service Level Objectives

Availability Objective

DistillerSR Inc. will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide 99.5% availability, which is measured monthly as a rolling 12-month average. “Availability” means that the Subscription Services are available 24 hours per day, (7) seven days per week, excluding any scheduled and unscheduled maintenance time to implement updates, upgrades or other modifications.

Availability Calculation

In a given calendar month, we calculate “Availability” as follows:

Availability Calculation, DistillerSR


“Downtime” means the length of time the Subscription Services are not available for use.

Excused Downtime

“Excused Downtime” means the length of time that the Services are unavailable due to:

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Emergency Maintenance
  • Factors outside of our reasonable control, including any force majeure event or Internet access or related problems beyond the perimeter of the applicable Service
  • Any actions or inactions of the Customer or any third party
  • The Customer’s equipment, software or other technology and/or third-party equipment, software or other technology; or
  • Suspension or termination of your right to use the Service in accordance with these objectives

“Scheduled Maintenance” includes any maintenance performed during the following window or for when we provide reasonable notice or coordination with you in advance of the maintenance.

To the extent reasonably practicable Scheduled Maintenance, causing downtime (in excess of 5 minutes), shall be performed outside of regular business hours (as outlined herein). DistillerSR Inc. will make commercially reasonable efforts to notify Customers via System Messages in the DistillerSR application with a copy emailed to your designated DistillerSR system administrator(s), at least one (1) week prior to any Scheduled Maintenance to minimize the effect of such maintenance within the Subscription Services.

“Emergency Maintenance” means any maintenance performed outside Scheduled Maintenance windows without advance notice where such maintenance is reasonably and urgently required to protect the integrity, availability, or security of any online systems.

DistillerSR Inc. Support Targets

DistillerSR Inc. has set the following service level target for its support team.

Priority Acknowledgement Initial Response Update Frequency Resolution
Severity 1 Immediately (Automated) 2 business hours Every 4 business hours Access is restored
Severity 2 Immediately (Automated) 4 business hours Once per business day Access is restored
Severity 3 Immediately (Automated) One business day Upon status change or when an update is available Instructions to address the issue is provided or a workaround is shared
Severity 4 Immediately (Automated) Two business days N/A Question is answered or a workaround is shared

DistillerSR Inc. Support Working Hours

Unless otherwise noted, Support will be provided during business hours; (i.e.) Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm ET, except on holidays observed by DistillerSR Inc. in the province of Ontario, Canada. Response and resolution efforts are subject to these business hours.

Ticket categorization

All reported tickets are categorized in either of the following four categories. Based on its category, the team then addresses issues as per resolution and response targets. Respective service level targets are then followed.

  • Severity 1: The system is unavailable to all users.
  • Severity 2: Issues where core functionality is not available and there are no available workaround solutions.
  • Severity 3: Issues that hamper the user experience and/or application behavior is not in line with documentation.
  • Severity 4: A question or query regarding the functionality of Products/Services.

Note that while customers can suggest a priority for the issue raised, the final category is decided by a DistillerSR Inc. support agent or manager.

Accessing Support

To report a problem with the Services, you can contact our support team via email by using the following email address: [email protected].

For questions on how to use the product, in addition to email, you are invited to participate in the regularly scheduled Support Office Hours. If you have purchased the corresponding upgraded Support Package, you may also have access to the Live Chat during business hours from within the application.

Emergency Support

If you have purchased the corresponding upgraded Support Package, DistillerSR Inc. will be available to respond to Emergency Support requests 24 hours a day, (7) seven days a week from your designated DistillerSR administrator(s). Emergency Support is provided for Severity 1 and 2 issues.