Ottawa, Canada, December 21, 2018 – Evidence Partners is celebrating its 10th anniversary on December 22, 2018, capping a year of record sales and expansion.

The company, which develops SaaS tools to help medical researchers generate critical evidence more efficiently, set a new company record for monthly sales in December of this year. Year over year sales grew by 40%, contributing to 3.6x growth in the past three years.

“Evidence generation is being increasingly mandated to meet regulatory requirements in the medical device and pharmaceutical markets,” said Peter O’Blenis, Evidence Partners’ President and one of its three co-founders. “We offer the only commercially available solution for managing the literature reviews that are needed to produce quality evidence and achieve compliance.”

With approximately 500 institutional customers worldwide, including 50% of the top ten Pharma and Medical Device companies, the Evidence Partners team has expanded rapidly to keep up with demand for their offering. Headcount currently sits at 29, with more new hires planned early in the coming year, effectively maxing out the new office space they moved into only five months ago.

The company was officially launched in late 2008 when co-founders O’Blenis, Jonathan Barker, and Ian Stefanison set out to create a tool to streamline the time and labour-intensive tasks involved in conducting systematic literature reviews. At the time, systematic reviews were primarily used in academic research settings to summarize all the available literature and studies on a certain topic to inform healthcare policy and clinical practice guidelines.

Fast forward to today, and systematic literature reviews are increasingly required by global regulators to prove the safety and efficacy of medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

“Our flagship product, DistillerSR, has proven to be an ideal solution for a broad and growing range of literature review applications,” said O’Blenis. “We believe that helping researchers produce better quality evidence, faster, benefits all of us – and we’ve only scratched the surface so far.”


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