Case Study

Learn how Philips achieved faster, more accurate literature reviews for CER submissions with DistillerSR.

Faster, More Accurate Screening

The clinical evaluation team at Philips cut down title and abstract screening by 74%, full text screening by 70%, and flowcharts/diagrams creation by 50%.

Consistent, Auditable CER Submissions

DistillerSR enabled transparent, consistent literature reviews and reduced the chance for errors and red flags in the auditing process for CER submissions.

More Time to Focus on Research

Since implementing DistillerSR, Philips reported gaining 3 extra days per literature review to focus on research, rather than the mentally-burdensome task of shifting through references.



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“We expected DistillerSR to introduce significant time and effort savings while easing the burden of keeping up with new literature, but the results were better than we anticipated.”

Sara Garbin, Senior Clinical Development Scientist – Philips

Four of the top five global medical device companies trust DistillerSR to automate their literature reviews from pre-market approval through post-market surveillance in an audit-ready and compliant way.