DistillerSR Lunch & Learn Evidence Management Best Practices

Join us on June 18 at 11 am EDT for a special session to learn more about how to establish an effective evidence management strategy and the impact of data reuse on overcoming technical, regulatory, and organizational challenges.

Agenda – June 18 at 11am EDT



Peter O’Blenis, CEO at DistillerSR


AI/ML Product Roadmap Updates

Rushdi Shams, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at DistillerSR


Evidence Management Best Practices


The Case for Data Reuse

  • Nicole LeDrew, Solution Engineer at DistillerSR
  • Sepanta Fazaeli, Medical Systems & Clinical Data Lead


When & Why to Deploy AI

  • Peter O’Blenis, CEO at DistillerSR
  • Nicole LeDrew, Solution Engineer at DistillerSR
  • Kyle Bayliss, Account Executive at DistillerSR


Live Q&A

    Key Learning Objectives

    • Consolidate all evidence into a single, centralized location for easy access and streamlined management.
    • Implement access controls to regulate data access, fostering collaboration while safeguarding sensitive information.
    • Develop a company-wide strategy to encourage the reuse of existing data, minimizing duplication of effort and enhancing efficiency.
    • Establish uniform procedures for evidence collection and review to ensure consistency and accuracy throughout the process.
    • Explore real-world examples of successful data reuse and their impact on regulatory submissions and time to market.

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    “We just started testing out CuratorCR, and we believe upwards of 50% of the literature review work will already be completed when we move from one legacy device to another — the device application and the outcomes to be monitored will be distinct, but the reference data pool will largely be the same. Mentally speaking, it will be a game changer to start a new literature review knowing a significant portion of the work has already been completed,”

    Shelley Jambresic, Senior Clinical Evaluation Manager at Geistlich Pharma AG