Ottawa, Canada, October 19, 2020 – Evidence Partners Inc., provider of the world’s first AI-enabled literature review automation software, DistillerSR, today announced new capabilities that further improve the way researchers can reduce the time, administrative friction and cost to complete their literature reviews. Combining DistillerSR’s AI and workflow automation, these new capabilities provide customers with automatic email alerts from online content services, direct connections to full-text articles from e-libraries, integration with third-party software platforms, and detailed cross-project dashboarding for greater visibility into reviews on an enterprise scale.

“Literature reviews continue to grow larger, more complex, and broader in their application, especially in highly regulated healthcare markets,” said Peter O’Blenis, CEO, Evidence Partners. “Through the continued elimination of manual processes, and by leveraging AI in the literature review process, we are helping researchers to complete their important work faster, more accurately, and more cost-effectively.”

Along with OpenConnect, DistillerSR now has Ovid® Connect and EBSCO® Connect to allow customers to automatically receive and process email alerts from these content services, making the process of maintaining and updating reviews faster and less error prone. For organizations using in-house e-libraries, DistillerSR’s new Custom OpenURL capability allows researchers to link directly to their library’s full-text content from within their DistillerSR reviews. This support for the central management of full- text articles can lessen the need to copy them and can reduce copyright compliance issues.

To more seamlessly integrate the literature review process with third-party platforms, DistillerSR has created the industry’s first publicly accessible API. The API allows customers to securely integrate directly with a broader technology ecosystem, including but not limited to, safety databases, external AI and predictive analytics applications, reporting systems, and data lakes, among others – the first of its kind in the literature review industry.

Cross-project dashboards, meanwhile, enable customers to easily view and access review assignments across all projects from a central location, greatly improving oversight into reviewers’ progress and visibility into under-utilized talent.

DistillerSR is used by pharmaceutical and medical device companies, contract research organizations, as well as universities, governments, and NGOs. The cloud-based platform brings together AI and sophisticated workflow automation to make completing systematic literature reviews faster, more accurate and more cost effective than any other method. As a result, DistillerSR enables researchers to quickly produce high quality evidence to inform critical health policies, clinical practice guidelines, and regulatory submissions.

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