DistillerSR Published Classifiers

Automating the categorization of your references leads to faster, more thorough reviews

Don’t let the avalanche of new literature delay your reviews DistillerSR’s Published Classifiers can cut your literature review screening time by over 50% by automatically categorizing references.

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Accelerated Pre-Screening
Automatically include and push references identified by the Published Classifier to later stages of the review.

  • Start evaluating and extracting citations sooner
  • Prioritize screening efforts on confirming excludes
AI Quality Control
Screening and Data Extraction
Increase the thoroughness of your reviews by having classifiers operate in tandem with your reviewers to double-check how you’ve categorized citations.

  • Ensure you haven’t misidentified references
  • Provide the confidence of dual screening with single reviewer resources
Assign References
Data Extraction
Assign references to particular forms or reviewers sooner.

  • Automate workload assignment management
  • Fully leverage your subject matter experts with no additional effort
Medical Mask

Health Agency

Learn how this Health Agency used AI to reduce COVID-19 citation screening and data extraction by 50%.

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